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FOCUS Government Affairs is a bipartisan government affairs team offering a broad spectrum of legislative, regulatory, administrative and executive lobbying and consulting services.

With political elections centering on partisan gridlock and discontent with the "old ways of doing business," lobbying and policy advocacy are undergoing dramatic changes. In today’s environment of hyperscrutinized decisions and actions, the 24-hour news cycle, and ever-present social media, only the most politically savvy lobbyists are succeeding. Getting your voice heard above all the noise requires an experienced advocacy team that can expertly execute targeted government relations campaigns.

Our successes are rooted in our government backgrounds. Many of us have enjoyed highly successful careers in public service—as political advisors, senior staff to elected Leaders, or political campaign operatives. We believe clients are best served by a bipartisan government affairs team. We’ve developed and implemented winning strategies in Connecticut by working with both Democrats and Republicans. And we’ve enlisted support from the administration regardless of which party holds the Governor's office. Our team is known for strategic thinking and getting results. It’s a product of our public service careers, where the standard of success is the ability to develop a comprehensive strategy and then deliver on it.

What We DO

​FOCUS Government Affairs draws upon the knowledge and experience of attorneys, former executive branch officials, and specialists whose collective expertise is made available to all our governmental affairs clients. This team-based approach ensures that the proper resources are determined and committed, so that our government affairs clients receive the most efficient, cost-effective professional services possible.

We provide a broad spectrum of legislative, regulatory, administrative and executive lobbying and consulting services to a wide range of clients. Because we have over 60 years of experience working with and within government, we are experts on the legislative process and can skillfully negotiate with staff and elected officials. In addition, our strong relationships with federal, state and local elected officials allow us to effectively assist our clients in their dealings with all levels of government.

​FOCUS Government Affairs has strategic relationships with Connecticut-based law firms that allow us to provide an additional level of service including legal advice, counsel, and legal assistance to corporate, institutional, municipal, and individual clients.

Our Team

William J. Malitsky

Principal, Lobbyist

James S. Paolino Esq.

Principal, Lobbyist

Michael J. Martone

Partner, Lobbyist

Ross S. Gionfriddo Esq.

Partner, Lobbyist, & Counsel

Michael R. Bzdyra

Senior Lobbyist

Alexis V. Bourassa

Communications Specialist



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